“Innovative and established teaching series & materials for your physical education lessons.”

“We love physical education” is a young project – founded by PhysEd teachers. Our teaching methods and materials are based on experience and attention to detail. We try to give new impulses for physical education, but also to prepare established ideas for the gym in an attractive way. Knowing that P.E. is different around the world, we tried out translation some of our content in order to inspire movement education around the globe. All materials in English are provided digitally via the plattform “teachers pay teachers” and can be adapted to the respective learning groups. In addition to the focus on content, we try to present the materials in such a way that the teacher and the students are motivated to do sports together.

Our english products can be found here:


WIMASU Rope Skipping


27 Jump Rope Trick Cards + Poster + 28 Videos
We photographed, filmed and illustrated 27 Rope Skipping Skills (+ 1 Skill more as Video). We use them in our class to support individual skill learning and for creative processes like building group choreographies.
see more…



39 Activity Cards + 2 Posters for P.E.
Overcome obstacles and practice speed, jumping and supporting strength with parkour and creative free running techniques. see more…


Bundle: 83 Pyramids + Pyramid Designer
From Primary School to High School, Gymnastic Group Balances should be performed with groups of students if cooperation, trust and body tension are to be on the curriculum. see more…

EASY HOOP TRICKS 23 Activity Cards for Hula Hoop

Activity cards with lovely hand drawn graphics illustrate movement tasks for your students. The cards can be printed.  see more…


22 Exercises + Guidelines
Selected training exercises on the main technical aspects (passing, dribbling, shooting) with indication of the difficulty in three levels, following the exercises of the DFB (German Football Federation) training education. see more…

WIMASU Nothing is impossible!


40 Task Cards + Worksheets
The aim of this small teaching idea is to let the students face the often almost impossible challenges of everyday school life with a little more courage than before: “You can do it, if you really want…” see more…

WIMASU Ball Handling - Solo


29 Task Cards to improve your Ball Skills
In Physical Education, forms of movement or games that revolve around the ball take a big part of the curriculum. Also, in P.E. many lesson contents are devoted to ball handling. Obviously, before playing under time and opponent pressure, the students need to learn basic ball skills like handling, catching and throwing the ball. see more…



FREE – 20 Task Cards to improve your Ball Skills
The following material is based on the concept of the Heidelberg ‘Ball School’ and can be used in Primary and Middle School to improve ball skills. see more…


Plank to the Beat

The trending fitness challenge we’re definitely going to try with our students! Sounds interesting? Accepting the challenge is a must!

Probably not suited for the small ones though the older ones are getting an exciting task for the schoolyard, the gym or even at home which goes beyond simply planking. The 13 plank variations are illustrated with hand drawn clip arts and can be used to develop own challenges. see more…

About us

WIMASU is a Team of P.E.-Teachers teaching for about 10 years in different classes. We love Physical Education with all it’s faces: Soccer, Rope Skipping, Sports climbing, Skiing, Basketball, etc.. As a result of this collaboration we create innovative and established teaching series & materials for your Physical Education lessons.
WIMASU, short for “Wir machen Sportunterricht” (“We do physical education”) is based around Frankfurt/Hessen/Germany. See more.